Introduction to Prototype

Prototype is a Javascript API that adds new methods for existing utilities to solve more abstarct problems in Javascript along with enhanced versions of already existing methods in order to make development an easier process and, aleaviate common issues run into during web development. This helps make client side programming much less complicated and, help remedy problems with the interfaces of the Document Object Model and, Ajax

Prototype's Features

The Prototype API enables developers to more easily define classes, manage inheritance and adds custom methods to several tools in order to ease some of the shortcomings of their interfaces for tools like JSON, AJAX and, the DOM.


The DOM (Document Object Model) is a programming interface designed to manipulate web documents and structure them. Prototype adds several new methods to the DOM in order to make it more convenient to use and even enables you to create your own methods to use with it.


Prototype also simplifies Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML development) is a set of web techniques to retrieve data via http without the need to refresh the page Prototype adds methods to make AJAX easier to work with, and cross browser friendly without some of the problems it has with its regular inteface.


Prototype can also be used for JSON (Java Script Object Notation) encoding and decoding in order to make data interchange across programs and even languages easier to follow and use.

Event Delegation

The API also has tools in order to use advanced techniques like event delegation with fewer struggles to create event driven code for web applications that use listeners a lot.

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